Settlement Loans

LegaLender Settlement Loan

Get paid for your case now, repay only if you win.

The LegaLender Settlement Loan


Better Rates

The LegaLender Settlement Loan has a very low interest rate. This is important because it means that more of the settlement will ultimately go to you.


The LegaLender Settlement Loan is only repayable if you win in court or settle. That way, you are not stuck with a loan if for some reason your case fails.


The LegaLender Settlement Loan requires no credit checks or employment. In fact, all you need to do is fill out the form. We then request documents from your lawyer and can respond within hours.

More on the LegaLender Settlement Loan

Settlement loans are generally appropriate for those who are plaintiffs in a lawsuit and expecting a settlement at some point in the future.  The most common types of cases for those using the LegaLender Settlement Loan are Personal Injury cases like car accidents and slip and falls as well as employment termination and medical malpractice.  However, plaintiffs in almost any type of case involving harm to an individual can benefit from a Legalender Settlement Loan in the appropriate circumstances.

You should use a settlement loan only if you find yourself unable to meet your expenses as you wait for the results of your case.  When looking for a settlement loan it is important to find the lowest interest rate and one that does not require repayment if for some reason your case does not go as expected.  You can learn more about settlement loans in this article. 

We offer the LegaLender Settlement Loan from our office in Toronto to all eligible Canadians. Settlement loans are sometimes called personal injury funding, settlement advances, Personal Injury Advances or litigation loans.