Personal Injury

LegaLender Personal Injury Funding

Get paid for your case now, repay only if you win.

The LegaLender Personal Injury Loan



Our personal injury funding service allows you to receive funds at a very low rate while awaiting the outcome of your personal injury case.



Our loans are only repayable if you win in court or settle your case. This allows you to avoid the risk of financial hardship if your case fails.


Our personal injury loans require no credit or employment check. You can receive funds within several hours of applying.

More on the LegaLender Personal Injury Loans

Settlement loans for personal injury funding are generally appropriate for plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit and expecting a settlement at some point in the future. Personal injury includes motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and other common claims involving physical harm to the plaintiff.

You should use personal injury funding only if you find yourself unable to meet your expenses as you wait for the results of your personal injury case. When looking for a personal injury loan it is important to find the the lowest interest rate and one that does not require repayment if for some reason your case does not go as expected. You can learn more about Settlement Loans in this article.

We offer our personal injury funding from our headquarters in Toronto to all eligible Canadians. Personal injury funding is sometimes called personal injury advances, Settlement Advances, or litigation loans.