Long Term Disability

LegaLender Disability Loans

Get paid for your case now, repay only if you win.

The LegaLender Disability Loan



Our disability loans allows you to receive funds at a very low rate while awaiting the outcome of your long-term disability claim.


Our disability loans are only repayable if you win in court or settle your case. This allows you to avoid the risk of financial hardship if your case fails.


Our disability loans require no credit or employment check. You can received funds within several hours of applying.

More on LegaLender Disability Loans

Your lawyer is suing the insurance company because your long-term disability claim has been wrongly denied. In the interim, you are not able to work due to your injury. As a result, you are facing financial difficulties as you try to manage your daily expenses. The insurance company will attempt to prolong the settlement for as long as possible to force you to accept an unfair settlement.

A LegaLender Disability Loan will help you meet your expenses as you wait for the results of your case. When looking for a disability settlement loan it is important to find the lowest interest rate and one that does not require repayment if for some reason your case does not go as expected. You can learn more in this article.

We offer our settlement loans from our headquarters in Toronto to all eligible Canadians.