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Disbursement Financing Arrangements

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LegaLender Disbursement Financing Arrangement

The cost of disbursements can hamper plaintiff lawyers in different ways. At the individual case level, these costs can lead to an uneven playing field with well-funded defendants who have access to any expert they deem appropriate. At the firm level, they can hamper the growth of your cases by limiting the number of cases you take on at any given time.

At LegaLender, we do not believe that “one size fits all” when it comes to disbursement financing. We partner with Lawyers and law practices which we believe are poised for growth. As such, we assess your firm and propose a disbursement arrangement that fits your needs. In each case, our disbursement financing arrangements have the following attributes:

  • Our service is available at the firm level for all your cases or for individual cases.
  • Our rates are substantially lower than any comparable arrangements.
  • Repayable only at resolution of case – no matter how long the case takes.
  • We do not limit you to any particular roster of experts – use whoever you deem appropriate.
  • Our Disbursement financing costs are always deductible at the firm level.
  • In most circumstances, our disbursement financing costs are recoverable at Settlement or in court.
  • We offer a non-recourse arrangement the disbursement amount is repayable only if the case succeeds.