About Us

A different type of litigation finance firm.

We are committed to providing improved access for Canadians to the justice system through litigation financing.

What makes LegaLender different?

Excellent rates.
Better service.
Easy process.
Data-driven approach to
making decisions.
Innovative financing solutions designed by experts.
Deep legal, medical and other subject matter expertise.

LegaLender is an innovative firm operated by legal, financial, medical and technology professionals that seeks to increase access to the justice system in Canada by using subject matter expertise to create affordable and creative litigation financing solutions.  We offer loans to individuals involved in lawsuits, such as settlement loans for those in accidents or other personal injury cases.  We also offer solutions for commercial enterprises involved in meritorious litigation in the form of litigation financing.

Management and Board of Advisors

Soheil Karkhanechi

Soheil is the Chief Executive Officer of LegaLender and the Chief Investment Officer of EQN Investments, a private fund invested in litigation finance. He began his career in New York City after graduating from Harvard Law School. Soheil has built and led several innovative financial services companies. His primary area of interest is management of alternative assets.

Gabriela Gueorguieva

Gabriela has expertise in human resources and is an educator by profession. She is in charge of overall office operations at LegaLender and is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of services.

Charles Lee

Charles is a data science and technology expert based in Toronto and Hong Kong. He has worked at, and consulted for, some of the largest financial services companies in North America and Asia. Charles is passionate about applying emerging analytical methods to new areas such as the legal profession.

Sarah Karkhanechi

Sarah is a medical doctor based in Toronto who specializes in diagnostic radiology. Sarah has advised on a variety of medical issues, including those relating to accident victims. She is dedicated to medicine and medical technologies and their potential for transforming lives.

Sam Mansoub

Sam is an experienced entrepreneur based in Toronto. He has successfully built and managed several companies in the retail financial services space. Among other areas, Sam has deep experience in credit analysis and loan servicing. He believes that traditional financial service providers continue to suffer from inefficiencies that can be exploited by entrepreneurs.